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Drilling is at the core of all that we do!

Why work with Itch Drilling?

Looking for a team of drilling recruiters who know their stuff? You've found us! We've got years of experience in the industry (some of us have even worked on drill rigs). We're not just here to check tickets and medicals – we're here to ensure you're ready for whatever drilling throws your way.

Leon Hearn has years of experience in the recruitment industry and is spearheading our team of recruiters in the mining sector, specialising in blast hole and exploration drilling.

Whether you're a candidate looking to start your career or a drilling company in need of some serious expertise, we've got your back. We offer custom solutions to meet your needs, from Drillers to Offsiders, Heavy Diesel Fitters to HSE and Admin Staff.

So forget about the boring, run-of-the-mill recruitment teams out there. We're the fun and friendly team that's here to make drilling work for you. Let's get started!

What is the career progression?

*Timeline is approximate and will vary case by case

0 - 6 Months

6 Months - 2 Years

2 - 3 Years

3 - 8 Years

8+ Years


What are the benefits?

Flexible and varied roster options to suit your work-life balance

Industry Leading Clients

The latest and safest equipment means better KPI's for you

Earn while you learn

Guaranteed PERMANENT job upon completion of probation

Competitive Pay Rates

Get your tickets with our Training Assistance Program

Access to employee assistance and FIFO wellbeing programs

How can you join Itch?

Changing workplaces is a big step, and we want to make it as easy, informative and enjoyable as possible. We’re here to help you start if you're ready for change. First of all, complete the short registration form below, and one of the Itches will call you to have a chat about what’s important to you, your career ambitions and your goals.


Then, we will start hunting. We mean it when we say we put people first. We always strive to find meaningful and authentic people and placements. We’ll be there every step of the way and work hand-in-hand with you to find the right fit. Curious? Why wait until tomorrow? Get in touch today!


Ready to build a future in drilling?

We will help you work towards your dream role

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