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We Might Seem A Little Quirky…But We Take Your Privacy Very Seriously

Your privacy is imperative to our business’ survival. Itch Recruitment Pty Ltd (Itch) is committed to providing a safe and secure user experience and complies with Australian Government Legislation governing privacy of personal information by businesses to protect and safeguard your privacy when you deal with us.


Itch manages personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles (APP). This policy applies to information that is collected in all operations within Itch, including visitors to our website.


The Itch Privacy Policy (this document) will be reviewed and updated from time to time to ensure it remains appropriate to the changing environment. As a result, please remember to refer back to this Privacy Policy regularly to review any amendments.

What we gather, what we hold and why

Some information provided to us by Clients, Candidates, Contractors and other third parties might be considered private or personal. Without these details we would not be able to carry on our business and provide our services to you. We will only collect personal information if it is necessary for one of our functions or activities.

What we gather, what we hold and why

The type of information that we typically collect and hold depends on whether you are an individual person, (e.g. a job applicant), a Client, a Client Employee, or a Supplier. Personal or sensitive information is collected from people in the following situations:

  • When you complete a registration form, or respond to a job advertisement, or provide any other information along with your application,

  • When we complete any reference check(s) on you (with your permission),

  • We receive the results of any competency/skills testing, medical testing, or any background checks required for a position,

  • We receive any complaint or other information from or about you in the workplace,

  • We receive any information about any insurance investigation, litigation, registration or professional disciplinary matter, criminal matter, inquest or inquiry in which you were involved,

  • We receive any information about a workplace accident in which you are involved,

  • We receive documents to verify your legal right to work in Australia,

  • You voluntarily provide us with any additional information about yourself.

We also gather statistical information from our website and social media users. This information is only used to help us continually improve the experience for our users.

  • Information is collected from Clients / Suppliers in the following situations:

  • We receive business contact details,

  • We receive contact details for employees of the business,

  • We receive information regarding functions and activities of the business,

  • We receive information on structure, culture, strategies and general information of the business to gain an understanding of operations,

  • We receive recruitment and HR information from the business,

  • Any additional information is provided to us by the business,

  • When you request any marketing collateral such as white papers, case studies etc, participate in discussions regarding blogs and social media posts or forums and any other online mediums.

We appreciate that some of your information is sensitive

Under the Australian Privacy Act 1988, sensitive information is a special category of personal information. This information includes membership of a professional or trade associations or membership of a trade union, criminal record, health information, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, or sexual preferences or practices.


Sensitive information can, in most cases, only be disclosed with your consent.

Us letting you know what we know about you

At the time, or as soon as practical, where personal information is collected by us we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are made aware of who we are, the fact that you are able to gain access to the information held about you, the purpose of the collection, the type(s) or organisations to which we usually disclose the information collected about you, any laws requiring the collection of the information and the main consequences for you if all or part of the information is not collected.

What we may do with what we know about you

The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information are likely to differ depending on whether you are a job seeker, a referee, a Contractor, an advisor, or represent a Client or Supplier.

Your personal and sensitive information may be used in connection with:

  • Work placement operations

  • Recruitment functions

  • Statistical purposes and statutory compliance requirements

  • Our assessment of your ongoing performance

  • Any test or assessment (including medical tests and assessments) that you might be required to undergo

  • Informing you of possible work opportunities, or other events or information sessions by direct mail or email

  • Our management and resolution of any complaint, inquiry or investigation in which you are involved

  • Any insurance claim or proposal that requires disclosure of your personal or sensitive information

  • Undertaking criminal reference checks

  • For research, development, business systems and infrastructure testing, and other business purposes to assist us in providing our services to you

  • Marketing services to you

  • Information from representatives of our Clients and Suppliers may be used in connection with:

    • Performing our function with you

    • Client and business relationship management

    • Recruitment functions

    • Marketing our services to you

    • Statistical purposes and statutory compliance requirements

    • Our management and resolution of any complaint, inquiry or investigation in which you are involved

What if we didn't ask for it but you sent your details anyway?

When you make unsolicited contact with us and voluntarily submit personal information that identifies you; such as your name, email address, company name, address, phone number, and other information about yourself or your business via email or other mediums, we retain your personal details on file.

We may send you, via email or other mediums, information which we think may be of interest to you or marketing communications relating to our services.

The dreaded marketing material and third party handball...

Itch may use your personal information to contact you (including by email, telephone, SMS, or other electronic mediums) in relation to our products or services that we think may be of interest to you and/or provide you with industry information.

You can opt out from any marketing communications being sent to you at any time by emailing or following the prompts on the communication itself.

Itch Recruitment complies with the Spam Act 2003 and your information will not be misused or passed onto a third party for their own Direct Marketing.

Disclosure - when will we tell someone else something about you?

We may disclose personal or sensitive information held about an individual for the primary purpose for which it is collected or for a related secondary purpose where it would be reasonably expected by you that we would use the information in such a way. This information is only disclosed to persons outside our business in the circumstances set out in this policy or as otherwise notified to you at the time of collection of the information.

In addition, we are permitted to use or disclose personal information held about you:

  • Where you have consented to the use or disclosure

  • Where we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious, immediate threat to someone's health or safety or the public's health or safety

  • Where we reasonably suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in and the use or disclosure is a necessary part of our investigation or in reporting the matter to the relevant authorities

  • Where such use or disclosure is required under or authorised by law (for example, to comply with a subpoena, a warrant or other order of a court or legal process)

  • Where we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is reasonably necessary for prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of crimes or wrongdoings or the preparation for, conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal or the implementation of the orders of a court or tribunal by or on behalf of an enforcement body

  • Disclosure will usually be:

    • Internally and to our related entities

    • To our Clients

    • To Referees for suitability and screening purposes

Cross-border disclosure

Some of your personal information may be disclosed to overseas recipients. We cannot guarantee that any recipient of your personal information will protect it to the standard to which Itch Recruitment protects your information. The costs and difficulties of enforcement of privacy rights in foreign jurisdictions and the impracticability of attempting to enforce such rights in some jurisdictions will mean that in some instances, we will need to seek your consent to disclosure.

How your personal information is stored & protected

Personal information is held in our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) until it is no longer needed for any purpose for which it may be used or disclosed, at which time it will be de-identified or destroyed, provided that it is lawful for us to do so.

Itch Recruitment places a great importance on the security of all information associated with our, Clients, Referees, Contractors, and Employees, and has a range of measures to protect your personal information from: misuse, interference and loss.

We do our best, but... what about unauthorised access, modification or disclosure?

No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect users’ personal information, Itch Recruitment cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to it or from its online products or services, and users do so at their own risk.

Once Itch Recruitment receives your transmission, we make every effort to ensure its security on our systems.

Where Itch Recruitment has links to websites outside of our business, we cannot ensure that your privacy will be protected in accordance with this policy. You should consult these other websites’ privacy policies as we have no control over them and are not responsible for any information that is submitted to or collected by these third parties.

Information stored within our computer systems can only be accessed by those entrusted with authority and computer network password sanctions.

Access to your information and correction/updating of information

Itch Recruitment is committed to ensuring that the personal information we hold and disclose is accurate, up to date and complete. If you find that personal information that we hold about you is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading, you can ask us to correct it by contacting us.

To make a request to access your personal information, you will need to contact our Privacy Officer to verify your identification and provide details on the information you require. Subject to some exceptions set out in privacy law, you can gain access to your personal information that we hold.

Important exceptions include:

  • Evaluative opinion material obtained confidentially in the course of our performing reference checks; and access that would impact on the privacy rights of other people. We do refuse access if it would breach confidentiality.

  • If we refuse to provide you with access or correct the personal information held about you by us, then we will provide reasons for such refusal.

Not happy? Here's how to let us know!

You have the right to complain about our handling of your personal information if you believe that we have interfered with your privacy.

We aim to acknowledge receipt of all complaints within five (5) working days and aim to resolve all complaints within thirty (30) working days. This may not be possible in all circumstances, depending on the contents of the complaint. In this situation, we will respond to your complaint in a reasonable time.

If the complaint cannot be resolved by means that we propose in our response, we will suggest that you take your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Like to know more?

You can make enquiries, request to access/delete or correct your information, or complain about alleged breaches of the APP to our Privacy Officer.

Privacy Officer - Itch Recruitment Pty Ltd

PO Box 673, Subiaco WA 6904

08 6140 1800 or

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