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Working Towards A Paperless Office

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

I am definitely prone to exaggeration, a little bit of “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” (as long as it’s not unethical), so when I say that the Professional Services division went paperless overnight, I am telling the honest truth.

Having always been proactive when it comes to doing my part for the environment when a potential solution to go paperless here at Itch presented itself, I jumped on it! You can imagine the amount of paperwork that is involved with recruiting people (on average 18 pages per person) and once the recruitment process is finished there are hundreds of pieces of paper straight into the blue secure bin to be shredded and destroyed.

So how did we put a stop to the waste you ask? We invested in a reMarkable tablet for every team member. I’m not sure if you have heard of this amazing tool, but it enables you to download any PDF document you like and write, scribble, draw all over it and save it straight to your desktop or phone. The tablet even has the feel of writing on physical paper and converts your handwriting to text and doesn’t come with all the pop-ups and distractions that an iPad does (no more playing Candy Crush I guess). Our new systems have integrated so smoothly into our daily workflow whilst doing our bit for the environment.

Never one for stopping when I am on to a good thing, I looked at other ways we could go paperless. I switched my attention to our business cards. I can’t be the only person to have entered the details from a business card digitally only to then throw the paper card straight in the bin? Introducing Tapt, this has the look and feel of a credit card and is simple to use, it is just like tapping your bank card to buy a coffee or shopping. By placing the card on anyone’s phone your Tapt card transfers your digital profile to their phone contacts. In under 10 seconds, the information you like to share is saved on their phone with details like title, email address, contact number, company name and even your happy smiling profile picture. Perhaps the next update will even include your coffee order?

I should have an interest in both these companies, acting like an unofficial BDM for both. Since we have introduced these two innovative paperless solutions, we have converted so many of our contacts. Check out these companies (hyperlinks in the article) as not only will it make your life easier you are also making the planet greener!

Kind Regards,

Amy Morgan

General Manager

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