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Should We Make This Exclusive?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

When you're in the job market, whether you need a new superstar for your business or you're looking for a position for yourself, it's a big decision. Especially when choosing the 'right person’ or signing a contract for the 'right role'.

When clients engage with multiple recruitment agencies to take the same role to market, it typically ends in chaos. Some may think Recruiters benefit from exclusivity as it can remove any competition from the equation, but it is actually in the client's best interest to form an exclusive relationship.

This exclusivity ensures you have the recruiters' undivided attention on the position. This relationship allows the recruiter to deeply understand the business, brand, goals, culture, and requirements. Exclusivity enables the client to let go of recruiting anxiety and focus on what they do best, so we can focus on what we do best, finding them their next exceptional addition.

Quantity over quality = multiple recruiters on the job.

Quality over quantity = exclusive search.

As a business struggling to fill a vacant role you may think, 'more recruiters, the better and the quicker I get it filled'. But look at this from another perspective, if you were making any other important decision in life, would you be satisfied with someone who ticks the bare minimum boxes and sends you an invoice?

No, you want the job done effectively, thoroughly, and ethically. If multiple agencies are working on the same role, think about how many other clients are receiving the same resumes you are! On the other end of the spectrum, there is the chance that you could receive the same candidate's resume from 2, 3 or 4 different agencies. We're in a candidate-short market, and there's a good chance several agencies will find and submit the same people. Not ideal.

If multiple agencies are submitting multiple resumes, it becomes a race to the finish line and the pressure is on. Some consultants may present without even meeting with candidates first. Cutting corners and having you do their job for them, filtering through their average candidates, interviewing them, and wasting valuable time you could be spending on your business. Do you want to pay for that level of service?

This one-dimensional recruiting often results in a temporary fix that typically results in resignation because the consultant may have sold the candidate a fairy tale that is nothing like the actual role. Or they didn't consider multiple other factors like personality, cultural fit, goals and professional development.

Understanding an exclusive client allows recruiters to articulate talent that will thrive in your environment. Many recruiters will 'talk the talk' to get someone across, hoping it sticks. To build longevity, the candidate needs to meet the business's interpersonal and cultural needs, not just match one's work history to a job brief.

After that comes the element of confidentiality. When engaging with multiple recruiters working on the same role, word will soon get out that you are recruiting. In some cases, these roles are highly confidential.

At Itch, we only recruit for clients we would work for ourselves. We meet with all our clients before even taking on a vacancy. We meet their team, see their office, and take time to understand every aspect of the business. Likewise, we also meet with all our candidates and don't present someone without meeting them first.

We aren't looking for a quick fix. We care about our clients and see ourselves as an extension of their business. We want to garner a culture of longevity by finding them exceptional talent. And to change the lives of our candidates by finding them their dream roles.

It's not all about the clients! Our candidates are our clients too. It takes two to make the perfect pair, and both need to be happy.

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