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How to stand out on LinkedIn

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

You need to make your LinkedIn account pop

With millions of users worldwide, sure it's hard to make your profile stand out, but, it's far from impossible! Hiring Managers and Recruiters look through LinkedIn when hunting for candidates. We've got some tips and tricks to get your LinkedIn account up to scratch and get noticed when opportunities arise!

7 simple steps to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

  1. Headline! You're a professional, let's tell that story, professionally in a few words. With recruiters scanning to decide if your profile is worth a look or not, you want to put your best foot forward and draw people in. Make sure you are mentioning your current role/industry, and if you're not quite in a career job use your aspirations as your inspiration "Up and coming Astronaut", for example. Ensure you use industry-specific keywords and your actual job title, to increase searchability!

  2. Profile photo! Show off that smile! Let people put a face to your name with a professional headshot (no selfies, full-body shots, and make sure you lift the visor on your space helmet!)

  3. Set a cover image! Don't stay with that boring default visual, find an image that represents you and your career. This adds a little more personality to your profile and shows you take your LinkedIn account and networking seriously.

  4. Post! So many people don't post on their LinkedIn pages! It's SOCIAL media after all so get social, start posting, and get some conversations going, otherwise, your profile is just another resume. The more you showcase your enthusiasm and professionalism in your industry, the more people will engage and ultimately your network will grow. There might be some amazing opportunities out there so get your name in front of the right people! Team SpaceX or Team Blue Origin?

  5. Create an engaging summary! Use your summary to tell people more about you and your career. Discuss your passions and drives, and what you love about what you do. Discuss what you'd love to do in the future and how this shapes your career. Make sure you sell yourself and integrate the skills and experience you bring to an employer! '...extremely adept at cleaning spaceships. Hoping to hone those skills further in zero gravity!'

  6. Don't skimp on your experience! An Employee at Workplace in Hometown... Meh! People who list their work history like this are doing themselves a disservice. Instead, talk about each role and what skills you developed, what skills you used, and what you enjoyed. This allows recruiters to get a greater understanding of your past roles, and their relevance to a prospective one as well as showing them your work attitude.

  7. Stay active! Log on at least three times a week, like and comment on others' content, and aim to post once a week or fortnight at least. This shows you're engaged with the platform and your willing to show up for your career consistently.

Whilst this article is aimed at those who are open to new opportunities, like your resume, it's still good practice to keep your LinkedIn current even if you're happy to stay in your current role. If a recruiter contacts you to discuss a new mission and you're uninterested, there's nothing wrong with saying 'Thanks for reaching out, I don't want to go to Mars today'

Now go forth! Whip your LinkedIn Profile into shape and stay active, we're not saying the job offers will roll in but....they might. To Infinity and Beyond!

Reiss Mackay

Marketing + Media Manager

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