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It's The Culture For Me.

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

There is no denying there is a skills shortage currently in WA, particularly skilled trades, mining, and specialist roles. It seems to me that there is another factor as to why SOME (not all) businesses can’t find people and that’s because their culture stinks and no one wants to work for their company. It’s time to be realistic, when you are looking for potential employees, you want the best ones right? Well, why should candidates settle for an average business? It’s a two way street, job seekers are spoilt for choice so why wouldn’t they seek out the very best places to work?

Find a quiet time, sit back in the interview chair and ask yourself “why would I work for me and the business?”

We are all busy keeping up with a thriving economy here in WA and the saying “make hay while the sun shines” is my catch cry at the moment, the bubble can burst at anytime so now is not the time to coast. But what does this mean for business culture when our focus is on service and product delivery. Are we so caught up in production and meeting the needs of our clients in a fast and efficient way that it really does give us little time to focus on internal housekeeping. In buoyant times keeping up with attraction and retention, processes and efficiencies can be super challenging, let alone creating a great culture.

Creating culture doesn’t need to be hard, we can start anytime. Don’t over complicate it, I truly believe it starts with communication, both internally and externally. One day, maybe many years ago you too were a job seeker, channel that person and try and remember what was important to you. Like wise when you started your business how did you imagine the company you were creating?

By writing this article I am just starting the conversation, I will leave it with you to consider and hope that I have offered a little food for thought.

Jodie Perram

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