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Is FIFO life for me?

Here in Western Australia, we are fortunate enough to be Australia’s biggest mining state. With our economy being the only one to register positive growth in the last quarter. Our mining industry is currently underpinning the national economy. A third of the country’s new jobs last year were in Western Australia.

With this in mind, there has never been a better time to get into mining but you need to ask yourself ‘Is FIFO life really for me?'

As someone who has worked in recruitment for FIFO workers for years, I meet with many young people who come to see me with a determination to break into the industry. There are various reasons for this, to earn more money, to have a better work/lifestyle balance, their family work FIFO or they simply want to get out of the city and try something new. My advice is always the same, do your research, discuss it with those who will be affected by your FIFO lifestyle, assess your current lifestyle and weigh up all the pros and cons. There are community Facebook pages that can be a great source of information, there is lots of media coverage on the topic and if you come to Itch for an interview we are more than happy to talk to you in-depth about this, in fact, we provide all our candidates with a FIFO family factsheet.

Recruitment for me isn’t just about putting ‘boots on ground’ but about meeting the needs of each individual. I have met enough candidates over the years to help them determine what will and won't work for them, some surprise me and really excel in the job and the lifestyle, others head to site and last a few swings as they discover it isn’t for them…and that’s OK too!

Ultimately it is the decision of every individual and what best suits their needs. FIFO can open doors to some great opportunities, salaries are generous and you have the opportunity to save some serious cash while on-site as everything is provided, great friendships can be made and more quality time spent with family on your R&R.

The life of a remote worker is not for everyone but if you have done your research and think it may be a good way of life for you contact us here at Itch….we may just have your dream job!

Victoria Hindle

Manager - Drilling

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