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Don’t get us wrong, Itch loves Canva...

This popular design software has amazingly great tools, but should they be put to use when formatting your CV?

While the templates on Canva may look the part, are they right when applying for a job? Headshots, unique fonts, and icons do not make you more employable, in fact it could be doing the exact opposite.

When applying for jobs via SEEK, Indeed, or directly through a Recruitment Agency, there is a chance a ‘resume bot’ will scan your CV for key words before it is even reviewed by a human or added to a database, so if your CV’s formatting resembles an unsolved Rubix cube, it is highly likely you are doing yourself out of a job! At Itch, we read every CV that comes past our desk which mitigates the issue, however we often do “key word” searches on our database so if the text on your resume isn’t readable, you won’t come up in searches!

Lastly, once a CV is exported from Canva, you will need to use the Canva app to make any amendments. You can try to convert it to a Microsoft Word document, but even then, it’s incredibly difficult to edit.

Call us old fashioned, but nothing beats a simple, clean cut traditional resume formatted on Microsoft Word. That is our two cents anyway!

For those unsure and need help with their resume, please download our Resume Example below!

Resume Example
Download PDF • 299KB

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