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Operation: 4 Day Work Week

100% Pay. 100% Productivity. 80% of the Work Week.


In mid-2022, Itch took part in the 6-month pilot program of the 4-Day Week run by 4 Day Week Global, and transitioned from a five-day week to a four-day week.


The trial kicked off across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific alongside similar schemes in the United States, Canada, Spain, the UK and Ireland, all with the same aim - no loss in pay, better work life balance and therefore more satisfied, efficient and happier employees.

The success of this transition was uncertain due to a bunch of factors in the mix. Additionally, the nature of the recruitment industry, characterised by high touch relationships and client availability, added more spice and complexity to the situation. 




Impact on M+D

Victoria is here to talk about what our Mining + Drilling Clients and Candidates can expect as we transition to the 4-Day Work Week.

*Since this, Vic has moved on from Itch, but her opinion really mattered and we appreciate her thoughts!


The Last Day

On our last day of the traditional work week, are there still concerns or are we prepared for the change?


The Story So Far

Get a peak behind the curtain and see how our Managing Director is handling the new arrangements, both personally and as a business owner.


As with all new things, we had myriads of learning with the rollout of the 4-Day Week! Not to play the hindsight game, but for those of you eyeing the same transition, here's a few of our big suggestions:

1. Have A Game Plan

Having a solid plan for managing the change can make the whole transition to a 4-Day Week way less bumpy. You know, lay out what's happening, set clear goals, and make sure everyone's on the same page before pulling the pin. Planning: not just for road trips!

2. Gauge The Room

Before you start rearranging the office furniture, we'd advise to feel out the vibe. That's where a "change readiness assessment" comes in. It's like asking the crowd if they're up for karaoke before grabbing the mic. Itch breezed over this step and went with gut reactions. But hey, introverts and silent sceptics deserve a say too.

3. Keep the Communication Loop Open

Communication is the secret sauce! If you're switching things up, make sure everyone knows what's cooking. 

Want more? Download our complimentary Insights Pack for a full report on the 4DWW pilot, our journey, learnings and recommendations.

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