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Sales and Marketing Manager


Perth WA, Australia

Job Type:

Full Time

Grab a cuppa and get comfortable, this ad is long but it’s worth it.


So you are looking for a new job. Best thing to do is write a ‘Wish List’, we are guessing it would look something like the following;
Great place to work, somewhere I can have fun!
A product that is exceptional, well-established and has a strong client base
Be able to mentor and lead a sales team
Somewhere I can be given the freedom to think outside the box
Get out of the office and be front facing
Cash dollar bills – well rewarded for your effort and success
Number 1. - Great place to work, somewhere I can have fun!

We are sure by now that you would have read a number of ads about “amazing culture”, “work as part of an excellent team”… blah…blah.. blah… gets kind of boring when your pessimistic side of the brain starts going “Suuuuurreee… heard that all before!” … but what if there was somewhere that actually did have something a little unique, a place where good humour, teamwork and dare we say it… laughter is part of the every day? This is our client. When we leave their offices we always feel better than we did when we walked in (and we like to think we are pretty upbeat peeps in the first place!).

So, let's say ‘Tick’ to Number 1 on the list.

Number 2. - A product that is exceptional, well-established and has a strong client base

We all know that it’s better in both the short and long term to be selling something that works, something that basically sells itself with how well it operates because given your years in Sales & Marketing we are sure that you have faced the challenges of selling a pig with lipstick on… as much as it’s a great challenge… the lipstick soon smudges and you are just left trying to sell a pig.

Our client’s products are market-leading, reliable workhorses that are built to work and known to clean up in their industry. However, you won't just be selling a product here, you will have access to a suite of products and services to manage the entire lifecycle of the client engagement. From products, through service, training and spare parts, you will be marketing, selling and providing the true end-to-end solution.

Another check in that box… that’s two down.

Number 3. - Be able to mentor and lead a sales team

Are you the kind of Sales & Marketing Manager that likes to dominate your team? Be number one month in and month out, leaving everyone else in your wake? If so, then this isn’t the role for you.

We are seeking a true leader to manage the current national sales team of 6 reps and 2 administrators spread out across the country. Someone that can mentor, develop and inspire their team through positive action.

You will get face-to-face your team regularly but also rely on the wonders of technology to keep in touch most of the time.

Big tick here for the right person… that’s the hump done, how about the final 3?

Number 4 - Somewhere I can be given the freedom to think outside the box

Our client doesn’t want you dusting off last year’s marketing campaign and whacking it in the photocopier with a date change, they want to stand out!

They want someone that questions not just how they can market better but how they can market their offering in a way that redefines the way it has ever been done in the past, of course you are always going to do this in a responsible and respectful way but something that makes people stand up and pay attention.

Okay… I thought after this one you might have stopped reading and already be clicking apply and doing your Cover Letter…

Number 5 - Get out of the office and be front facing

You will not be a wallflower in this role, with an average of a week a month travelling both within WA and nationally, from trade shows, seminars, catching up with your team and managing client relationships.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better we threw some travel in there! Now for the part everyone wants to know about…

Number 6 - Cash dollar bills – well rewarded for your effort and success

With great responsibility comes great reward… hang on… that’s the wrong saying… oh well what we are saying here is that our client likes to make sure you are well rewarded for your effort, your time being the person they need you to be as well as hitting and exceeding the targets they have set.

In return you will receive a handsome remuneration package plus all the tools of the trade you need (think phone, laptop, vehicle and fuel card).

That should pretty much seal the deal here so let’s change things up a little.


Let’s flip the tables here and let you know what we need to see from you in order for you to be the person that we will consider for this critical role.

5+ Years in a Sales Manager role where you have supported a lifecycle product offering (from products through to service agreements and spare parts)
Experience in managing a geographically dispersed team
Proof of regularly meeting and exceeding sales targets
Exceptional attention to detail matched only by your written and verbal communication skills
You are a good human; you treat people with respect and can easily build relationships with anyone


Firstly, we would encourage you to read back through the ad and make sure that you understand what the role is all about.

Then if you are still nodding your head up and down then please apply by emailing your application to

Please note (this is where we test that ‘attention to detail part’) applications received without a personalised Cover Letter that refers to the above ad will not be considered and it must be addressed to ‘Lauren’, who is the consultant managing this role.

Like to know a little more about the role before you jump in? We understand that, please contact Lauren on 08 6140 1800 for a casual but highly confidential chat.

Employer questions
Your application will include the following questions:
Which of the following statements best describes your right to work in Australia?
What's your expected annual base salary?
What's the most challenging or strangest thing you have ever had to sell?

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