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HR Manager


Perth WA, Australia

Job Type:

Part Time

This is one of our OG clients, we know them inside and out and to be honest they are also one of the coolest as well.

Their office is an ultra-modern space, located in the revitalised suburb of Subiaco. It is a place which feels like something between a high-end law firm meets the Death Star (without Vader) combined with the warmth of wood and other textures to make it a space you won’t want to leave.

Everything here is of the best quality, with all the modern conveniences including sit-to-stand desks, adaptable spaces, and excellent kitchen and breakout areas. Oh, we almost forgot to mention that lunch is provided daily! Oh! And that nearby parking is provided!

You will be working with a team of 40+ highly motivated and creative individuals that are drawn together to work here not just because of their reputation of being ‘Best in Field’ but because they are passionate about being known as ‘The people with the best workplace culture’.

Fun plays a big part in how they celebrate their success be this in the moment or in one of their many social events that they hold throughout the year.

"Sounding good but what's the leadership like?" I hear you asking... well the business is lead by one of the best in the business, not just in the work that he is renowned for but also as a leader of the team. He has been there, done it, got the t-shirt and is an open book to his team. You will be reporting directly to him.

So, that all sounds great but what do they need you for? Well, you will have your time filled with essentially the full gamut of HR, you will be working on everything here from end-to-end recruitment through to assisting with annual performance reviews, lead the Diversity & Inclusion Committee as well as ensuring the ongoing training and development of the team through their Professional Development Program.

You are on the frontline constantly working on all things that can be tweaked, instigated or removed to ensure that they keep driving forward as an employer of choice in their industry.

The areas that will take up most of your time are.
- Recruitment & Onboarding from preparing recruitment campaigns through to onboarding new hires.
- Team Management including leave requests and being a point of contact for employees and Managers to resolve workplace issues.
- Assisting in the professional development of the team by managing training calendars, identifying training needs and promote opportunities for learning to the team.
- Scheduling, coordinating and (at first) sitting in annual performance reviews and implementing prepare and implement Individual Development Plans, in conjunction with the COO.
- Maintaining and updating their Policies & Procedures.
- Assisting on various HR projects.

This role is available either on a full-time or 4 days per week basis and they want to see you in the office, this won’t suit the person that wants to “Work from home two or three days a week”. They want you in the thick of it so you can see where change is required and/or the right things better acknowledged.

- Aside from the obvious (being a people person), you will need to have the patience and resilience that comes with being in HR (you already know what this means). You will also need:
- At least four years experience in HR and be comfortable being the soul HR employee in a company.
- Understanding of the Fair Work Act.
- Dedication to building and bringing a fun, productive and enviable workplace culture.
- The ability to identify and solve a range of workplace niggles and effectively manage the sometimes tricky conversations that come with that.
- Excellent attention to detail – we will test that below.
- Exceptional communication skills – there will be no crossing of wires here!

How does the above translate into percentages? Well we aren't going to say this will be right every day because no two will be alike but lets break it down overall to give you some perspective.
- Recruitment and Onboarding - 30%
- Team Management - 20%
- Training - 15%
- Performance - 15%
- Compliance & Reporting - 10%
- HR Projects - 10%

Read through the above and thinking this could be the role you have been wanting? Well then, we would love to hear from you!

However, don’t rush in too quickly because we need a couple of things from you. Firstly, we need your resume sent to us by hitting apply (in Word format please if possible) and then we need a Cover Letter addressed to ‘Lauren van de Ven' telling us why this is the role for you.

Employer questions
- Your application will include the following questions:
- Which of the following statements best describes your right to work in Australia?
- What's your expected annual base salary?
- Why do you love HR?

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