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Executive Assistant - Residential Real Estate


Job Type:

Full Time


We want to set you up for success in applying for this role, so we are going to get the specifics out of the way early.

This role has a few key requirements, the first being that you must hold a current sales registration, now wait… we know that in the past this might have meant showing properties but that is not the case here. This is for those “Break Glass in Case of Emergency” moments that happen every now and again.

Secondly, you need to have solid experience in this exact kind of role, otherwise you be overwhelmed quickly.

Next up, this is for someone that can come in and hit the ground running, loves to get (and keep someone) in order and on time. You will be managing the day-to-day working life of this person, from their emails and text messages through to ensuring they are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Let touch on tech! It is important that you know your Word from your Excel, your Google suite from your Office 365 and your ValteRE from HomePass and Engage… just read all that and know what we are talking about? Then read on!

Finally, motivated and driven. This is not the role for that wants to cruise and constantly needs validation and propping up… now don’t get us wrong here, this person will reward you with complete autonomy and trust, along with the ability to grow and progress into whichever direction you see your career progressing.


This is one of the Western Suburbs most established agents, with a track-record of being one of the states most consistent performers.

The agency also has an enviable and deserving reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and experiences. They do this by having a well-established and settled team work together to form a cohesive, close, and progressive culture.


Given your driven and highly motivated nature you will see the opportunity that exists in this role.

However, to step through some of that basics…
Extremely competitive remuneration and benefits package.
No Saturday work on the immediate horizon.
A very high degree of autonomy.
Parking provided on site.
Career progression and self-development.


Have we got you excited? Can you see yourself in this role and chomping at the bit to learn more? Then we encourage you to apply today but we do require two things from you in the process.

Firstly, your resume sent through with your application, in Word format if possible…. but wait!! We also need you to include a Cover Letter addressed to ‘Jacinta’ (that’s me by the way) telling me why this is the role for you.


Is there something you would like to know before applying? Then please feel free to call me on 08 6140 1800 for a highly confidential chat.

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