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Business Development Manager


Claremont WA, Australia

Job Type:

Full Time


GET EXCITED! One of the top and most successful western suburbs agencies are looking for a Business Development Manager to join their them! Located in the heart of the beautiful western suburbs, this role is going to appeal to a LOT of people… but we aren’t just looking for anyone. We are seeking a BDM, who can generate organic leads on their own and not rely on the sales team! With high expectations comes high reward.

This is your chance to work with a genuinely nice agency, who understand work life balance and have a happy work culture. They are listing some of Perth's premier properties. It is acknowledged that this role is full-on, but you will most definitely be rewarded for your hard work, and if you have the right match of skills and personality, and a proven track record of success as a BDM we know you will thrive in this role!


This is a busy role for someone who is confident in building relations, a proactive self-starter who knows how to acquire organic leads and can come up with strategic ways that are innovative to do so.
Experienced BDM's, you will know what is involved in this role! You also know there is the potential to earn very good money, especially when you have the backing of a very hands on-management team who happily invest in their staff. You will be given a huge amount of support and perhaps most importantly of all, you will be listened to. We are looking for someone with a strong track record in real estate business development, someone who is not afraid to pick up the phone, knock on the door and do whatever it takes to drum up business. You will need your finger on the pulse when it comes to market activity and you must be able to CLOSE the deal! This role is all about prospecting, expanding databases, networking and taking the leads from the sales and property management departments, so they can focus on what they do best!


You must be well-groomed and confident, with a great work-ethic and impeccable integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. Additionally, you should have the following skills and experience:
- Current sales or PM registration
- Good understanding of relevant legislation such as Privacy Act, REBA Act, Code of Conduct, Australian Consumer Law and Tenancy law
- Proactive in ascertaining in advance, Sales Agent's needs
- Well presented and well spoken
- Personable and strong communication skills
- Exceptional written communication, with the ability to proof-read thoroughly
- You must be confident enough to ask questions when necessary
- Experience managing contact lists

We are asking a LOT but we can assure you, you will get out what you put in!


ABOUT JACINTA “Known as ‘The Sunshine’ in the office, Jacinta specialises in Real Estate and Marketing but is a gun recruiter in all areas. She will take the time to genuinely get to know you, suss out your strengths and skills and find your perfect fit within a company who will appreciate you. She’s here to see you thrive, in whatever role that may be.“

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