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Jodie Perram


Having let go of her childhood dream of being a spy, Jodie answered an advert for an office Junior role and wound up working in Recruitment (and has been there ever since). More than 20 years later, she is the owner and Director of Itch, where she relishes not only in being paid to talk, but also in helping people to find their perfect job.

Jodie is a dedicated Recruitment Consultant, who has a reputation for not being able to rest until she has found the right person for each role. Her speciality is sourcing high quality support staff for small to medium businesses, and she also enjoys turning her talents towards hard-to-find technical roles as well. Jodie’s outstanding ability is being able to recognise the unique je ne sais quoi of each client (which they may not even recognise themselves).

Jodie’s absolute favourite roles to recruit for are Executive Assistants, who can sometimes make or break a business, and must be carefully selected to match the working style, personality and eccentricity of the Executive they are supporting. This is the kind of challenge that sets her apart from the average “Recruiter”.

Jodie’s hero is Richard Branson, a truly self-made man, who started with nothing but good ideas and the willingness to push boundaries and take chances. Jodie is ever-optimistic and an incredibly caring individual. When not at work, she can be found valiantly chasing stray dogs and returning them to their families.

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Simon Moir


Simon’s role at Itch is complex; primarily the overseer of the day-to-day operational requirements of the business, Simon can also be found offering strategic support to clients, being the most engaging BDM we know, or getting stuck into recruitment and selection of challenging executive or technical roles.This sometimes means he is a hard man to catch! But the advice and service he provides in all of these areas is invaluable.

Simon has an eclectic background spanning small business management, IT, law enforcement, and recruitment. This gives him a wealth of knowledge of how different businesses run effectively (and ineffectively) and means he’s never short of an entertaining story. Simon’s recruitment experience spans many professional sectors including Legal, Accounting & Finance, IT and Executive Search.

His upfront honesty, coupled with a personable, charismatic nature puts people immediately at ease, and his genuine desire to help businesses be better, (through People and Culture systems improvement, or recruitment of the right people), coupled with a knack for understanding what a business needs, make him an excellent consultant, who actually consults.

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Paul Leggatt


With a background in everything from Finance, to Sport, to Marketing (and everything in between), Paul’s career in recruitment started in Scotland at the age of 21; working for a massive Scottish firm. He always dreamed of being a comedian, but unfortunately laughs don’t tend to pay the bills, so Paul keeps the jokes as a side-gig these days, and what better industry to try out new material than recruitment?

Paul gets a real buzz (particularly in the Drilling sector of Mining and Resources) helping people at entry-level get into drilling and start their journey towards qualifications and building a career; some of the people he placed with no experience are now managers (and clients!).

Paul enjoys the trust and respect that he has gained by painstakingly matching the right candidates for the right clients, and his outstanding retention figures speak for themselves (around 96%).

Paul is a ‘doer’ and knows how to make things happen. He is a pretty motivational and inspirational guy to have around the office. His ethos on life can be summed up by this great quote by Comedian, Ricky Gervais:

“You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before. It doesn’t matter what that is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table, or a film, or gardening — everyone should create. You should do something, then sit back and say, “I did that.””

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Amy Morgan


Amy grew up dreaming of sailing the world and discovering new lands, and while this doesn’t seem like the kind of life you find in recruitment, sometimes the thrill of meeting new people and the challenge of filling difficult roles can be an adventure in itself.

Amy’s career has been focused on recruitment and fashion (but never really the two together). Not content to be put into a “niche” Amy’s knowledge of sectors is broad, with a recruitment career covering a lot of ground, including everything from Admin to Engineering, to Education (and everything in between). She especially enjoys searching for roles that require intimate understanding of the client and the job in order to match the right person, like Executive Assistants. Amy has a special focus on recruiting for not-for-profits, and her involvement in a number of charities, including at board-level, gives her first-hand experience of the special skills needed to be successful in this sector.

Amy likes to work as an extension of her clients’ businesses; for her, recruitment is not about sales, it’s not about winning, it’s all about the “buzz” from knowing she has matched the right person with the right company.

Amy firmly believes in the words of Coco Chanel, that “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. Her unapologetic honesty and straight-forward nature helps her to build trust with people quickly, and this enables her to gain a firm understanding of what clients need, or discover what candidates are looking for, even when they don’t always quite know themselves.

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Anne-Marie James


Our office ‘Wiki’ and wordsmith, Anne-Marie looks after our advertisements, external communications, branding, and developing the kind of correspondence that needs a bit of diplomacy.  With a post-grad qualification in Human Resources Management, Anne-Marie is the go-to person for HR advice and HR systems support for clients, and internal HR processes. A jack-of-all trades; Anne-Marie also helps out in an administrative capacity when we need all-hands-on-deck. The job she struggles most with however, is agonising over the choice of office music.

A far stretch from childhood dreams of being a radio presenter, Anne-Marie has worked in a range of industries including Public Service, Not-for-Profit, Environmental Consulting, IT and Public Relations before finally ending up in Recruitment and HR. Having discovered that she actually loves writing more than talking, this job is the perfect blend of sharing opinions (which she will) and utilising her creative writing ability. 

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Lauren Vocisano


After spending her childhood dreaming of becoming a florist, Lauren finished school and enrolled in university to study pharmacy. However, after discovering that pharmacy involved a lot of chemistry and human biology (who would have known?), she decided to switch paths completely and turn to Commerce. Her love of business initially began with a desire to wear pencil skirts to work, but she soon realised that the ‘people aspect’ of Human Resources was calling her name.

After graduating with a BCom (Human Resource Management and Population Health), Lauren went straight to full time employment, working first in Finance and then Human Resources in the health sector, working tirelessly to ensure the right doctors were on-hand at the right time to support a busy hospital.

Itch is Lauren’s first foray into recruitment, and all it took was picking up the phone and following up with a great cover letter. We think she is a natural for this job, being a (self-proclaimed) chatter-box, who has an amazing ability to make people feel immediately at ease.

Lauren is smart and committed to excellence. She is organised and able to deal with constantly changing priorities with ease. She is also an avid baker and quite regularly brings her baked goods into the office to share.

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