Support Specialist


Become a key part of a quietly successful long-term player in the Australian Software as a Service space. This brand has developed a B2B SaaS product which enables their clients to use customer behavioural insights to obtain increased awareness and conversion to sale.
This well-established company are firmly grounded in the Australian market – their customers are loyal and long-term, however they are conscious of not becoming complacent, so they are have been diversifying their product offering and are building a team dedicated to the development and bringing-to-market of new products.
Based in beautifully refurbished offices in the heart of Perth; fully equipped with end-of-trip facilities and bike storage. This is an ego-free, unpretentious, wear-what-you-please, happy working environment. However, that doesn’t mean the company is staffed with people who just sit back and relax – they have been steadily building a driven, highly-motivated, continuously learning team who rise to a challenge and cannot rest until they find a solution. In short, everyone is focused on getting sh*t done!
This is most definitely not your average “call centre” job (in fact, if that’s what you’re after, this isn’t the job for you). Your key purpose will be to make the customer experience simple and successful. While that obviously entails a lot of moving parts, as long as you keep this purpose in mind with every decision you make, you will succeed in this role.
Working in a small team, you will be answering in-bound customer calls and ensuring customer problems are addressed and solved.
You will also support on-boarding of new clients; taking them through how to set up and use the product and ironing out teething issues.
Once you know what you are doing, you will be given the opportunity to branch out into the wider business and get exposure by working in the other teams. This is not envisioned to be a ‘forever role’ – we are looking for people who want to grow and expand their skills, and this company want to give you opportunities to advance within the business.
Technical skills can be taught, but the attitude is up to you to prove in order to get the job. We only want fast learners who are eager to know more and never satisfied with their knowledge. You must be able to demonstrate your thirst for learning – you don’t have to have a uni degree, but your resume/cover letter should show what you do to constantly develop your skills; be it certificates, courses, internships or a serious addiction to educational podcasts.
You must have a passion for customer satisfaction; building relationships and making them feel supported. More than that, you need to know how to teach by coaching, and leave customers feeling empowered to use the product with confidence. We will be looking for proven, high-quality customer-service experience (on the phone or face-to-face) in your cover letter and resume. You cannot be easily frustrated; you need patience and understanding that customers are not always tech-savvy, and a concept which is simple for you may not be simple for them; you have to be able to hold their hand and help them.
This is not an IT job, but you must be comfortable with technology, especially troubleshooting – maybe you’re a gadget-lover, maybe you’re the go-to person in the office who fixes the internet or the printer – maybe your Google skills are legendary… (tell us about this in your cover letter!)
You must be able to take ownership of your role, your mistakes and your solutions. We are looking for solution-finders; smart people who can make independent decisions and solve problems creatively.
You should question everything (but not in a pedantic kind of way) – what we mean is; you should not just take questions at face value – if a customer has a problem, you should ask yourself if it is part of a bigger issue that you can solve – question beyond the most simple problem.
You should be a positive person who likes to work in a fun and happy environment. We want authentic people who can debate collaboratively; understanding the benefit of knowledge-sharing and collaborative thinking to identify and solve problems that are hindering team effectiveness.
You will be expected to go above-and-beyond to make things happen – you must rise to challenges and understand that sometimes you need to drop everything and prioritise the customer.