Success and Relationship Manager



Founded in Perth, this company has grown and grown over the last twenty years, to the point where we are confident that anyone who hears their name, knows EXACTLY who they are and what they’re about. In fact, you might have some of their products in your home right now.
The team in this organisation are passionate about what they do and genuinely love coming to work and it shows, with most of the staff working there for over five years. It may also be because they have a very sweet office dog, but who are we to start making assumptions? The team describe themselves as being social, young at heart, honest and open, and we totally agree. They are also very good at providing you with recognition. The role comes with some perks too, with free parking on-site, a staff discount on products and regular team lunches. 


You will be the champion of inspiration and motivation. Everyone loses their mojo from time to time particularly in a sales environment, this is why we need someone who loves encouraging people and helping them succeed.

Reporting to the Sales and Marketing Manager you will be a true corporate chameleon, capable of communicating with all types of business owners, giving them the confidence to take their business to the next level. A multifaceted role where one day you will be auditing processes to ensure compliance, the next you will plan upcoming training masterclasses which will be on different mediums including online tutorials. With strong initiative you will identify training gaps and be on the lookout for ways to enhance sales systems, processes and policies.

A born teacher, training will excite you whether it be coaching or mentoring, you will play an integral role in the business to everyone you come in contact with. Working closely with senior management you will also help develop recruitment strategies to attract new business owners and share with the marketing team your views on engagement. You will be tech savvy and understand the importance of social media by having a pulse on what is trending.

You will be empowered to collaborate on recognition systems based on peoples milestones and champion career progression training. A bubbly and passionate person you will be known by everyone in the business from their onboarding to their career milestones and subsequent promotions. You will be great at building strong relationships and become the reason employees are motivated to become their best self, both in and outside of the office.

This is a dream job...


This company is going places and they will also be there to help you progress your career.

  • A true passion for sustainability and the environment

  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in a similar role with sales exposure

  • A good understanding of social media and marketing trends

  • Not a deal breaker but if you have a Business / Commerce degree, this will be seen as a bonus

  • Out–of-the-box thinker and problem solver with a strong drive to help others

  • Customer satisfaction driven

  • Excel proficient