Senior Private Wealth Advisor


Do you consider yourself a human calculator, known for your ability to manage money better than anyone else? If so, we have the opportunity for you! A chance to mix and match with a large portfolio of high-end clients from differing backgrounds and areas, our client proposes the opportunity to rise up as a true leader in financial services.
Working for one of Perth’s most fast-paced wealth management and financial planning brands, you will have work flowing through the door and the opportunity to become a well-known expert among many high net worth clients.
You can expect a work environment built on respect for what each individual brings to the company, a place where your career development and growth is clearly outlined and supported. A business that works hard but certainly knows how to unwind, you can expect your determination to be rewarded with a highly social culture; regular events and free-flowing coffee. It might sound cliché, but they really do "work hard/play hard".
With plans to relocate to one of Perth’s most luxurious offices in the CBD, be prepared to work in one of the most enviable of locations around.
Acting as a master of your field you will be looked up to as a trainer and mentor for all team members, including Associates. Your contribution to the ongoing management and growth of the business through proactive leadership is essential and for this, you will be highly respected and loved.
A position best suited to a people person, who loves an intelligent chat at the pub, you will be responsible for building long, meaningful relationships with clients. You are working for a business that prides itself on its lack of competition due to high customer loyalty and retention, and maintaining this is key to success in the role.
Your expertise is your strongest strength in this position, but you will have to have a side of charm and confidence to help prove your case. Don't get us wrong, clients are coming to you because YOU ARE THE EXPERT, however, you must ensure you are providing competent advice which complies with licensee requirement standards.
Our client is all for a bit of work hard, play hard, so wherever you see opportunities for client and referral partner events, they will provide you with full support.
A position where you are reasonable for maintaining your technical skills and industry knowledge in line with the current trends, we need a team player who is proactive in sharing their best practice insights internally – In saying this, only the most intelligent have been granted the opportunity to work for this business, and due to this you will have an abundance of corporate knowledge and help at your fingertips.
Let us cut straight to the point, you need to be a true expert in your field to succeed in this position. You will be highly intelligent and will be the type of person who has an energy that is both infectious and inspiring. You will be someone clients naturally gravitate to and the person who does this without being intimidating or over the top. 
The essentials:

  • You must have 10+ years of experience in a similar role – so nothing will surprise you.

  • You must be a wizard of commercial acumen (bonus points for running your own financial planning practice).

  • You must have the paperwork to prove your educational legitimacy such as a CFP or Masters of Financial Planning (must meet FASEA education standards).

  • You must be an SMSF specialist – sneaky tip: TPB accreditation is highly regarded.

  • You must be able to prove your expert technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the current legislative, industry and corporate standards.