We're here for business...

We understand that one of the biggest issues keeping employers up at night is having the right people in the right job. As highly-specialised matchmakers, we are obsessed with detail, and finding out what makes you tick.


We love getting ‘under the bonnet’ to see how your business works and what skills your ideal candidate should possess. Once we take care of the searching and screening, you're presented with the best candidates for your business. Go ahead and pick one! But also know we'll be by your side, if you need a little advice.


Itch recruits for a range of professional positions including executive assistants and administration staff, right through to middle management roles and C-suite. 

You would never propose on the first date... so why would you offer a job after the first interview?

... and for candidates.

Itch was created by experienced recruiters who had bad experiences as candidates and were disappointed at the state of the recruitment industry in Perth. So, we give you two things most other agencies won't - time, and genuine advice. 

For those that come in to meet with us, we have a simple agency ethos: 'Everyone leaves with something'. This doesn’t always mean an interview with our client, but it might be some resume advice, a referral to someone within our network, or in some cases, a readjustment of the way you are approaching the job market. We are here to help. 

itch recruitment

The right people within a business impacts profitability, service delivery, workplace culture and helps leaders sleep better at night. Don’t settle for a bum on a seat.

Jodie Perram

Founder + Director, Itch