Steph Peters

I’ve always been open to trying something new, and after making a wild decision to move across the country, I landed a role with Itch. Now I get to support the incredible team in doing what they do best, by doing what I do best; planning and organising. I’m all about good communication, a commitment to do better and a positive experience, with a side of fun.


My career began in a legal office which shifted into signwriting while I notched up a university degree in graphic design and marketing, eventually landing in real estate. Fast forward a decade after spending most of it in commercial development, my career has not been what I expected, but nonetheless, I have loved every experience and skill it has given me. I’ve had fun working on construction sites (I miss my purple steel caps), relished being part of a full-scale development from start to finish (and every stress induced grey hair), and cut my teeth in the corporate world of commercial leasing (yes, I have a firm handshake).

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