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Jacinta McConnell

Encouraging people to believe in themselves and their capabilities has always been a great passion of mine - this is where my love of recruitment is derived from.

My Recruitment Specialties

- Marketing

- Real Estate

What started as helping friends apply for jobs, internships, proof reading cover letters on the weekends and empowering my network to feel confident in their abilities, has led me to practice what I preach and put my own strengths to use in the recruitment industry.

I see companies to be similar to jigsaw puzzles. Not all their pieces are the same, they all have their place, and they work together to fill the missing parts. Potential candidates are the missing puzzle pieces to complete the bigger picture and optimise the success of a business.

I want to help companies complete their jigsaw puzzles and for candidates to find their spot. Everyone has their own strengths, skills and abilities that thrive when they are in the right environment. Establishing the needs of both the client and the candidate, and pairing their attributes and skills are essential for a successful placement.

I get fulfilment out of connecting people and their strengths to likeminded companies that not only hire on culture and talent in their own niche markets, but where people will be appreciated for the work they do and love what they do.

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