Emma Galloway

In 2021, I joined Itch as a Recruitment Consultant. Hailed as having a knack for multitasking, I somehow manage to juggle my work as a Recruiter, my own business and being a mum to my two beautiful little boys.

My Recruitment Specialties

- Mining, Resources & Construction

- Support Staff


Back in 2008, I was working in the Executive Assistant world, when I interviewed for a position with a client that our very own Amy Morgan was hiring for. Amy ended up hiring me to work alongside her as a recruiter. Putting in the hard yards to build relationships with clients, meaning that when the GFC started to subside, I was right there to help them rebuild their workforce.

Thermomix came knocking and I recruited with them for 7 years to build my team. My passion for healthy eating and strong faith in the brand allowed me to wear my heart on my sleeve and recruit for something I truly believed to be worthwhile.

Being so busy, Emma relishes time away with her family in their caravan, sipping on a good Gin+Soda (with grapefruit juice and rosemary of course!)

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