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Amy Morgan

I am known as The Matchmaker and believe it's a very fitting description. I always work on the premise of gaining an intimate understanding of my clients and candidates in order to find the perfect match so they can live their corporate “happy ever after”.

My Recruitment Specialties

- Executive Assistance

- Senior Management

"My work history proves that you don’t ever need to pigeonhole yourself into a role, and that you can have a successful career in multiple industries. I take this approach when I recruit, and love to always throw a wildcard candidate into the mix. Having owned my own business too, I have a solid commercial sense. So I can appreciate the complexities of running a business and the pain points that every owner faces daily. My work does not stop once the role is placed either, working in partnership with clients and candidates to provide advice, words of encouragement and help them navigate the transition during the all-important first stages of the employee life cycle."

In the Itch office, she is known for her wicked sense of humour, generosity and love for a good cup of coffee (or glass of Chardy).

Let's Connect

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