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Why am I getting rejected for Drilling jobs?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

There are a whole lot of reasons you might be missing out on a Driller's Offsider job (sometimes even when you are totally suitable!). Here are a few things that might be holding you back...

The #1 reason is location

We reject something like 100 people a day for a resume that says they are based in QLD – we can only hire people who live in WA for our FIFO roles (this is due to client insurance and flight constraints – our hands are tied on this one).

The worst thing is, you might actually live in WA but you are missing out simply because you haven’t updated your CV since you moved to another state!

Other reasons might be missing out

  • You have your HR licence but you didn’t tell us about it – we simply cannot read minds

  • We call you to set up an interview and your phone is disconnected or it’s someone else’s phone number entirely! (Yes, this happens more than you imagine.)

  • We don’t know what you have been doing for the last 6 months because it’s not on your resume, (so we can only assume you have been sitting around playing X-Box.)

Then there is the resume…

Please make sure the resume you send us is up to date and tells us what we need to know (we outline exactly what we need on every job advert). You don’t need to pay someone to do your CV, it does not need to be fancy… as part of our service, we will professionally format your resume to send to our clients anyway, we just need the right content! You just need to make sure that you give us current and relevant information. We need to know:

  • Where you live (the state at least)

  • All relevant tickets/certifications/licences (at the top ideally)

  • Your up-to-date, relevant work history including dates, titles and a brief outline of your job

One final thing that will get you disqualified in the process

We do a driver’s licence check on every single person – so if you are on a fine suspension pay your fines! Or at least tell us about this when you apply, so we can help you to get back on the road, and into a new job!

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