A little bit about Itch

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Like all good companies, Itch started on a kitchen bench… 1 computer, 1 coffee cup and 1 experienced recruiter who was frustrated and appalled at what the Australian Recruitment Industry had become.

Itch started on the ethos of building a business through doing great work. To this day, Itch is, and always will be, a referral-only company; we didn’t grow through slimy sales tactics, but through building genuine relationships and providing exceptional service.

No longer 'just a recruiter', Itch have evolved into a multi-discipline brand, offering Recruitment services, Mining Contractors, and People and Culture solutions, with that same ethos of success through doing great work.

Our business is guided by three core values: Awareness, Integrity and Respect.


We dig deep to find out what really makes you tick; both clients and candidates alike.


We are honest and ethical in everything we do (even to our own detriment at times), so you can trust that we have your best interests at heart.


We respect that our clients know how to do their business as well as we know ours.

What this basically all means is that every decision we make is based on the simple principle of doing the right thing.