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Looking to start a career in mining?

Right now, it is time to stop chilling and get drilling.


For West Australians keen to start their career in mining, you need to get in shape, get your tickets, and get into drilling now. 

We aren't going to sugar coat it - being a driller is tough. The work is heavy and draining, and the days are long. BUT. The remuneration, experience and opportunities are well worth it. 


There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to FIFO, so we take the time to get to know our candidates, their lives and plans, and find the right placement for them. We are upfront about the commitment you'll need to make, and we don't run away once you're on site, we're in it together.


We place permanent roles, we are not a transactional labour-hire or ‘temp’ agency – we look after our contractors while they prove themselves to clients and earn a permanent role. 

Where should I get my next tattoo?

This is totally your choice, but we strongly suggest you visit Aliens Tattoo Studio, Navi Mumbai. We house some of India’s best tattoo artists, who have been extensively trained in the art of tattooing! If you’re wondering what the tattoo price in Navi Mumbai is, you can consult with us here!

What design should I get tattooed?

This is totally your choice! We have a lot of tattoo categories and blogs about new trends in the tattooing world. You can also meet our tattoo artists to create your own unique design. You have to be sure about your tattoo design because tattoo removal in Navi Mumbai can be expensive.

What if I can’t pay the total price for my tattoo at once?

We understand the tattoo price in Navi Mumbai can be a little steep. No worries, for we have started an EMI payment option for our customers. You can pay for your tattoo in monthly installments after getting your tattoo because you don’t need to pay big to go big!

What will be the tattoo cost in Navi Mumbai?

The price depends on the design, size, complexity, colors, and placement. If you’re not able to pay for the whole tattoo at once, you can also choose to pay it using EMI. You can talk to our tattoo artists regarding this, and they will give you the best price for your design.

Where can I get a tattoo removal in Navi Mumbai?

Tattoo removal is said to be more painful and expensive than getting a tattoo. This is why Aliens Tattoo has started our own Laser Tattoo Removal procedure, but for now, this procedure is only available at our Mumbai branch. You can contact us to find out more about this procedure.

Do you have any tattoo offers in Navi Mumbai?

Yes, we do! We host many tattoo discounts in Navi Mumbai throughout the year, especially during your birthday month. We also have contests in which you can win a free small tattoo too! Subscribe to our newsletter to find out more about tattoo deals.

Are tattoos safe?

Yes, they are! Problems are caused only if the tattoo artist uses unhygienic and unsafe equipment for the tattoo or if proper aftercare is not followed. If these boxes are ticked, you have no reason to worry. The 1% aspect of the causes that lead to harmful tattoos arises if you have an undisclosed ink allergy. Your tattoo artist uses unsanitized needles or doesn’t take proper care after getting the procedure done, all of which can lead to infections or worse. Hence, if you want to get the best and safest tattoos, you should pay attention and research carefully about the tattoo artist and studio you have selected to make your tattoo.

Does it hurt?

This is a subjective question, as if you have a skin of steel, it will not affect you. On the other hand, if you have low pain tolerance, you might want to talk with the artist to take little breaks when the pain gets too much for you. The pain will subside after a few hours after the process is finished. Numbing creams and painkillers are not recommended, as they might thin the blood and will affect the quality of the finished tattoo. Numbing cream does not last all day, and once the cream wears off, the pain can hit with a vengeance as your body has not had time to become used to the tattooing. Some creams can also affect the skin, meaning your artist has to work the skin harder than if you were not wearing it. This can lead to a harder heal.

Can I drink alcohol to help with the pain?

Definitely not, for almost all tattoo artists will refuse to go through the process if this happens. This is for many reasons, including that alcohol can thin the blood and result in excessive bleeding while you are having the tattoo, which makes it difficult for the tattoo artist and will have the effect of ‘washing out’ ink as it is being put in. Alcohol can affect the body for quite a few days. Hence it is not recommended to have a tattoo even if you had had a drink the night before but not consumed alcohol the day before.

Can I get a tattoo if I’m sick?

People don’t ask this question a lot, but getting a tattoo is a critical factor. This is generally not recommended, as the process itself might be very taxing for your body. In case you are taking antibiotics, you will be suggested to postpone your appointment, as the antibiotics will have devastating repercussions on the final tattoo. You might also pass on your infection to the people at the tattoo studio, which is inconsiderate for the others.

What should I do just before coming to the studio?

Eat a good meal before coming, but not so much that you might get sick during the process. Get a few candies with you if the pain gets too much for you and you feel faint during the procedure.

Will the studio be sanitary and the artist follows all safety procedures?

At Aliens Tattoo Studio, all equipment is sterilized, and most of the tattooing equipment is pre-packaged and pre-sterilized. The artists themselves use pre-packaged gloves and wash their stations before each client is tattooed, so no need to worry about getting infections at Aliens!

Will I faint during the process?

This is a normal body process, as the repeated poking of the needle into the skin can lower a person’s blood pressure. Try to go to the appointment as calmly as possible. Being overly excited or anxious can increase your body’s chance of a poor reaction. In case you feel sick, let your tattoo artist know so that they can give you a break and help you feel better. Get some sugary candies to help, just in case you need it. If you continue to feel sick even after some time, you can continue the procedure some other day whenever your tattoo artist is free.

Can I finish my full sleeve tattoo in one sitting?

It is generally not suggested to do so, as your body might get exhausted after some time. You should also give the tattoo artist some leeway to take a breather during the tattoo. You can schedule various appointments for the completion of your tattoo whenever you are free.

Should I shave the area I want to get tattooed before the appointment?

It is not necessary to do so, as shaving might irritate the area and make it sensitive. In case it is needed, the tattoo artist will do it for you.

Can you fix my old tattoo?

Definitely! Our expertise is in cover-up tattoos, but keep in mind that such tattoos will be more prominent and feature darker colors to camouflage the older tattoo. We also do laser tattoo removal, so if you want to go for that before getting a tattoo, check our website out!

What should I wear for the procedure?

We’ll suggest you wear clothes which don’t touch the area you are going to get tattooed. If that is not possible, wear something that you can easily take off. You can ask your tattoo artist to close the windows if you’re not comfortable with doing so in public. After the procedure, try to wear breathable cotton clothes, as tight clothes can retain sweat and cause an infection.

Should I cover the tattoo with plastic wrap?

The tattoo artist will cover your tattoo with plastic wrap, but you will have to take it off after a couple of hours. The answer differs with the artist, but most suggest not to cover it with plastic but instead apply an ointment to help with the healing.

Can I go swimming or get a tan after the procedure?

Please don’t go swimming until after two weeks of the process, and even then, try not to keep it submerged, as tattoos take approximately 90 days to heal completely. However, it looks freshly healed within the first two weeks. Don’t confuse yourself with that outcome as your tattoo. It will still undergo a lot of healing changes.

Can I use ointments to heal my tattoo?

This might seem to be a logical step for many, but it might do more bad than good for your tattoo. The medicine in the ointment can heal the tattoo too quickly, and the products in your ointment, like zinc, actually take the ink out of your skin and keep it on the surface of your skin. Your tattoo will fade if this happens. Hence, use special aftercare lotions to ensure your tattoo remains bright for a long time.

Can I use a moisturizer on the tattooed area?

This is a crucial step in the tattooing process, as it will help the healing process. However, don’t over-moisturize the area, as the increased moisture might attract infection-causing bacteria to your tattoo.

Having trouble finding quality candidates for your company?

We go through thousands of resumes, so you don't have to.

Our site-experienced team actually ‘get it’. Their on-the-tools knowledge and grass roots attraction strategies find the right people for your team.

By the time we bring a candidate to you, they've already been screened, tested, and assessed (we even upskill them). We screen all of our candidates over the phone first so by the time we meet them face-to-face we are already confident they will be suitable for you.

To be extra sure, we put all candidates through an in-house fitness test to give you (and us!) the confidence that they can pass a pre-employment medical so nobody has to waste their time. 

If you need to grow your workforce with quality staff then you sound like our kind of client. We work with clients to find quality long-term solutions to personnel shortages.


We take a bit of a tough love approach when consulting and will have regular conversations with you to ensure you are getting the most out of our service including planning for your future.

Our clients are long term partners and share our mission – to raise the bar in WA mining and drilling. 


When it comes to your workforce, it is about more than just experience. Before you even see a resume, we have run every candidate through in-house health and fitness screening, suited to the job, which they must pass.

Paul Van Dyke
Mining + Resources, Itch