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Sales / Customer Experience Superstar


Perth WA, Australia

Job Type:

Full Time


We will get to the role in a bit, but let's start with you, because after all the person that is right for this role isn't just anyone.

We need someone that has that customer service edge, that someone that wants to get to know their clients needs, sees opportunity to suggest an additional offering (cross and upsell), a personality that people are drawn to, someone who is a natural relationship builder and (here's the kicker) you have to have amazing attention to detail.

Sound like you? Excellent then read on (I just didn't want to waste your time reading a long ad to get to the above).


You know we aren't going tell you that, we get paid to find their people, so we can get into that part when we catch up. What we can tell you is that this is a unique business, to the point where there isn't anyone else that does what they do in Perth.

Technically they are in the industrial solutions manufacturing space (yep, I didn't know what that meant either but you don't need previous experience to be right for this role, so read on), they have a range of truly diverse clients and 50+ product lines.

They have a very cool modern office in Osborne Park. Think lots of glass, open plan, awesome boardroom, great kitchen and breakout area.

What's the boss like? Well, he has been involved in the business his whole life you could basically say, as this is a generational family business. He has invested heavily in a custom CRM, built a core team that has nailed down all the processes and procedures (think 'follow the bouncing ball') and is actually a fantastic person on top of that. I'm not just saying that because he might read this ad, he actually is a really good human.


Whilst personality will get you in the door it's important to understand that this is a highly technical role. As mentioned, there is over 50 product lines and you need to know the questions to ask to ensure the client gets what they actually need.

You are ground zero, the first port of call, so you shape and dictate how the work flows through the business... which brings us back to that attention to detail thing, an error here can mean the client gets the wrong thing or what looks like the right thing but doesn't fit (think less than a millimetre), and in this game that can mean they never come back. This is also why it's important to be a relationship builder, because no-one is perfect and every now and again you may need to call in a favour, which you cannot do if the person on the other end doesn't know you who you are!

Your daily will be filled with these key tasks.
- Answering incoming enquiries and quotes.
- Following up with new and existing clients.
- Keeping current clients up to date with progress of their orders and updating them of any delays (pronto!).
- Marketing support, including managing campaigns and finding target markets.
- Keeping the CRM current and ensure notes are accurate and detailed.
- Reaching out to existing clients to see what other products maybe/ are suitable for them.


If you haven't tapped out yet then chances are you are someone I want to chat to. Click 'Apply' and send me your resume (in Word format please) along with a Cover Letter (see below) and either myself or one of the Itches will get back to you as soon as we can.

PS: You must attach a Cover Letter to be considered for this role, and not just your standard templated one that you have used before. We want something that showcases your personality and why you are right for this role. Oh, and it must also be addressed to 'Amy Morgan'.

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