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Renewables and Engineering Recruiter


Perth WA, Australia

Job Type:

Full Time


Okay, there isn’t a private jet but we just wanted to get your attention… the 4-day work week however is very real!

Whilst we are being honest, this desk is as cold as as ice, but on a positive note in that lays the opportunity to create something of your own.

It won’t feel like Siberia though, we are a team that works together to for our joint success. You will be fully supported from an administrative, strategic, and practical side, with all the best kit and people that understand what you need when taking on a challenge like this.

Yep, that sounds like something everyone says and doesn’t do, doesn’t it? Well, we have been around for over a decade now, so we have to be doing something right.

I’m not going to bore you with all the stuff about how great our team is, the cool Subiaco office opposite a pub or about our excellent remuneration package. If you are the right person you are going to be naturally curious and not able to resist calling me.

I can guarantee you complete confidentiality and openness about the opportunity here, if at the end of us chatting this isn’t the right role for you then no harm no foul. What do you have to lose? It’s just time that you would have spent doing one of the other monotonous tasks you have to do to keep the cogs turning inside the big boring machine you find yourself in right now.

Come join the us, we don’t just say we are awesome, we actually are, I promise.



We are looking for someone with at least three years experience as a recruiter or can convince us they'll be able to do the job with a really great story.


Jodie loves a chat, so if you are serious, pick up the phone and give her a call (08 6140 1800). If you don't get an interview, we can at least promise it will be a highly entertaining few minutes on the phone.

If you're reading this at an ungodly hour and it's not the right time for a phone call, hit apply and submit your resume and cover letter address to Jodie Perram.

We might seem a little quirky, but we take your privacy very seriously. Your application will not be discussed with anyone outside of our organisation.