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Property Manager


Perth WA, Australia

Job Type:

Full Time



Located in a central Western Suburbs location, this very well-established company are looking for a GUN property manager to take on a very manageable sized portfolio of mostly western suburbs-based properties.

It's all about team culture in this office, so if you are looking to work with truly lovely people who have each other’s backs then THIS IS IT. There is no "us vs them" mentality, the sales team understand the difficulties of property management and vice versa. The brand is very well known, marketing and systems are totally up to date and the portfolio has been lovingly managed.

There is a huge amount of support, the sales reps work well and closely with the PM team and there is parking on-site... it really is the whole package. This is not the place where you will be micromanaged. Management allows the PM team to run things in a way that works for them. This comes from long term trust and success.


Your day involves the daily management of a neat and tidy portfolio of roughly 100 properties. This is a dream rent role as any problematic rentals are out of the picture. Rentals are now higher value and less maintenance, that's a win-win to us! A lot of the time-intensive tasks are outsourced so your time can be more focused on building good relationships with landlords and tenants. You will be expected to do routines and finals to ensure consistency and quality amongst inspections.


If this role sounds like it is ticking all of the boxes, before you apply, there are a few non-negotiables including:
- A minimum of two years of experience as a Property Manager
- Up to date Property Management Registration and CPD Points
- Good knowledge of the WA Residential Tenancies Act 1987
- A valid driver's licence and reliable transport
- Excellent time management skills and attention to detail
- Strong communication skills and the ability to manage stress (we all know Property Management is hard work)!
- A positive outlook! We need someone who enjoys coming to work every day and dealing with the ups and downs of property management


If you possess the above attributes and are seeking secure employment in a great workplace please click 'Apply' to submit your application now!
- Cover letters can be made attention to Jacinta McConnell
- Our preferred resume format is MS Word.

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