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Operations Manager - Manufacturing


Welshpool WA, Australia

Job Type:

Full Time


Looking for a desk job where you get to watch other people do the doing?

Then this isn't going to be the job for you. We are seeking someone that still enjoys getting on the tools and mixing it up with their team.

Like being a lone wolf?

Maybe have a look at that next job in the list because the right person for this role is all about their team! We are looking for someone that wants to see those around them succeed and thrive when they work through the doors each day!

Wanting a job where the expectations are murky and you get to dodge the real work?

Nope, its not going to work here! Our client knows what needs to get done, has clear expectations (because they have been there and done it) and wants someone that works the same way.

Are you the sort of person that likes to "go with the flow" and believe that processes and procedures are just catch phrases?

It's not us... its you I am afraid. Our client's European background shines through when it comes to running an efficient and cost effective business. You will have the ability to continue to perfect these in this role, in fact we are seeking someone that questions the "Why" and looks to what can be made better.

Side Note: What this company does isn't just technically cool, it also helps better the world we all live in.


So by now you have had a bit of a laugh at the above remembering each person in your career that fits all the things we aren't looking for... so now lets narrow down what we are looking for you to bring to the role, apart from the opposite of the above. (Brace for more bullet points!)
- A proven track record in a leadership capacity - with 5+ years experience in the manufacturing industry.
- Additionally at least 2 years working with multi-disciplinary teams.
- Committed to ongoing professional development and study - with a preference for either undertaking or possessing a tertiary qualification.
- You are someone that likes people, as in actually likes talking (and listening) to people, and you are just as well versed behind a keyboard (without the help of chatGPT).
- Speaking of keyboards, you have sound computer skills (don't worry we aren't looking for the next Bill Gates) and brownie points if you have experience with 'Mex'.
- You know the secret sauce behind working with overlapping shifts.
- WA HSE and legislative requirements are part of your bedtime reading schedule.
- You know your P's from your L's when it comes to financials and continuously assess both your teams and machinery to ensure they are running efficiently and effectively.


- Based in Welshpool
- 7am - 4pm Monday to Thursday
- 7am - 3:30pm Friday
- Onsite secure parking
- Excellent kitchen facilities


As much as this is somewhere where you are expected to turn up to work to work (leave the other stuff at the front door), they know when to let their hair down and come together as a team. Friday's finish at 2pm and everyone comes together for a bbq and drinks. There are regular social events and every quarter there is a team and/or motivational event.

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