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Business Data Analyst


Subiaco WA, Australia

Job Type:

Full Time


I have to let you know that this client is one of my favourites and an OG client of Itch now for over a decade. We know them so well and have seen them grow and develop their people time and time again.

I (and all the Itches) love recruiting for them and I am very excited to bring this brand new role to market!


- Data Whisperer: Decode the complex wine preferences of our clients customers using data magic, and BA voodoo.
- Trend Spotter: Predict the next big thing in the wine world (Hint: It’s not cask wine.)
- Efficiency Guru: Find ways to make our client's operations smoother than their award winning wine.
- Spreadsheet Sorcerer: Turn rows and columns into actionable insights, not nap-time material.
- Report Rockstar: Present findings with flair, making numbers sound as exciting as a vintage Cabernet Sauvignon.
- Financial Fortune-Teller: Prepare reports that make their Finance Manager toast to your brilliance. Forecasting and budgeting will be your new best friends.


Is your wine knowledge limited and my amazingly funny wine puns are going straight over your head? That's okay! We are looking for someone here that appreciates the data, getting into the nitty gritty 1's and zero's and turning mountains of garble into business digestible content... our client will teach you everything you need to know about the magic they create and jam into a bottle!

PS: If you have never done a CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) then this might not be the role for you, we need you to have the real life experience in dealing with whole of supply chain data, from pre-production through to sales, then customer delivery and market feedback.


- Analytical Ace: Excel at Excel and turning all your other BA tools into the business Go-To's for decision making.
- Wine Enthusiast: Know your Cabernets from your Chardonnays, and can pronounce Gewürztraminer without stuttering. (As I said above this is not essential... but also won't hurt!)
- Detail-Oriented: Spot discrepancies faster than our office can finish a bottle of bubbles at 5pm on a Friday.
- Communicator Extraordinaire: Turn complex data into engaging stories that anyone in their business can understand, but you also like dealing with everyone from your team to the customer.
- Team Player: Enjoy collaborative environments and wine-forward brainstorming sessions.


First and foremost here is that you get to work with one of our favourite clients and their Sales and Marketing Director is one of the best!

Approachable, understanding, driven and focussed makes them a powerful person to work alongside.

- Remuneration: On market remuneration.
- Wine Allowance: Generous yearly wine stipend because we understand priorities.
- Ongoing Development: Our client wants you to keep ahead of the game and will invest in your future learning and development.
- Fun Team Events: From vineyard tours to cheese and wine pairings, this client believes in the team bonding over a glass (or three... responsibly of course!).


Read through the above and think that this might just be the data role you have been seeking?

Then apply today! Forward me your resume (in Word format if possible) and I will be in contact, my name is Lauren and I will be recruiting this role.

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