Head of Engineering


Become a key part of a quietly successful long-term player in the Australian SaaS tech space. This is a well-established company who still feel a little like a start-up because they are undergoing a change in market focus. This is a critical time of digital transformation and they are in the process of shaping the business to be part of this, but there is still a lot to figure out! This is a role for someone who is comfortable in the unknown and excited by change.
Their customers are loyal and long-term, and competition is limited – however they are conscious of not allowing complacency; exploring diversification of services by harnessing significant unutilised assets.
The tech offering is high-quality. Consequently, this company have grown to be quite tech-centred – however there has been an active focus on overhauling the culture and planning for growth; driving innovative, customer-centred solutions.
Based in beautifully refurbished offices in the heart of Perth; fully equipped with end-of-trip facilities and bike storage; you can enjoy a happy working environment. There is certainly opportunity for flexible working arrangements however given the current stage of the business and team, it is important to still be a familiar face around the office.
They have been steadily building a team of driven, highly-motivated people who rise to a challenge and cannot rest until they find a solution, and you will play a key role in supporting and championing this ethos.
A growing company means growth opportunities for talented people; and they will only hire talented people. 

You will be stepping into the shoes of someone who has been with the business for over 10 years, who is transitioning to a product and growth role. This means you will have good handover and a rich base of knowledge to draw from to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed. Considering the size of the team and the culture of the business, whilst this is a senior leadership role, you still need to be willing to get your hands dirty – working as a mentor and top level escalation point; providing both strategic direction and technical expertise to the team. Here are the specific focus areas of this role:

  • Create and implement the engineering strategy that aligns to the overall company strategy

  • Assess current engineering resourcing and plan for future requirements

  • Support the development needs of current team

  • Implement best-practice processes

  • Budget management for all related areas

  • QA & testing improvement

  • Data & billing internal technical systems

  • Core platform architecture

  • Supporting Head of Product with product requirements related to core platform

  • Own and enforce the secure development policy (ISO)

You might already be a HoE, or maybe you are an experienced and aspiring manager who is ready to take that next step. Either way, we are looking for someone who thrives on being challenged and is motivated by the desire to be part of something big – who can see the opportunity for profit in the medium-term and wants to be a critical part of making that happen.

You will be stepping into a very important role - you will be considered the master of software and no important conversation about engineering will be had without you in the room. We are looking for a leader who prides themselves on their ability to release deployments and simplify complex information to others in a way they can understand.

The intrinsic things we are after…

  • Must be willing to get out there and develop a deep understanding of customers

  • You need a strategic mind and the ability to contribute to both engineering and business strategy as part of the senior leadership team

  • You must be able to develop a strong understanding of company culture and aspirations, and be willing to become a champion for company vision and values

  • Be a continuous learner – the kind of person who is never satisfied that they know enough and always looking to develop understanding

  • You need to be able to roll up your sleeves and get involved with the engineering side of things – this is not a role where you sit back and direct!

  • You should enjoy work, enjoy working with people, and be willing to have fun while you are at it

The technical knowledge and ability we are looking for...

  • Around 5 years of experience in engineering management – ideally in a B2B SaaS environment

  • Python/Django

  • Ansible

  • EC2, RDS (AWS)

  • Clojure