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We can guarantee you three things when working with us as a contractor;

  1. You will only work with the best companies in the business: we vet our clients as thoroughly as we vet our candidates and refuse to work with anyone that doesn’t look after you.

  2. You will be safe (see point one, above)

  3. You will earn great money and be paid on time (provided you get your timesheet to us!)

What we expect from you

With all the right information, we can help just about anyone get a job, but one thing we will not tolerate is dishonesty. We expect you to be absolutely open and honest with us about everything we ask about. Lying in the recruitment process can leave both you, and us, exposed to in ways that we never want to think about (and unfortunately lies always come back to haunt you).

We expect you to work to the best of your ability and follow the rules.

We expect you to keep us informed of any issues that happen, onsite or offsite, that affect your work – we’re great listeners and we are happy to talk at any time you have concerns or want advice.