A little more than a little different

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Itch provides exceptional people for reputable businesses, who value a relationship with a professional consultant and don’t just want another “bum on a seat”.

We only invest our time, energy and experience in working with clients who understand the collaborative process required to find the right people for their business. Our knowledge, understanding and networks have been developed by experienced consultants who love the challenge of finding you the right person for your business.

The process looks a little something like this…

Meet and greet

We can’t recruit for you unless we have met you – this is imperative and not-negotiable.

Shout out to the world

Whether it be a compelling advertisement or tapping the right people on the shoulder, we search far and wide to meet your needs.

Pick and choose

We read each and every application, using the knowledge and skills we have built over years in the recruitment game.

Best of the best

You will only see resumes for people who we think fit the bill – there is no flick-and-stick recruitment here. We are not in the business of wasting your time; you pay us to only send you the best. And it should go without saying that we will never, ever, send you someone who we have not personally interviewed.

Your choice

Meet your short-list and decide for yourself; we can guide you through interview techniques and make recommendations; we will give you whatever tools we can to help you make your choice.


We will present your offer and negotiate on your behalf; getting to the nitty-gritty of salaries and all that stuff no one likes to talk about.

Wrapping it up

Placement confirmed!

Happily ever after

Our service does not stop at placement; you get a replacement guarantee, which we hope you’ll never need, and the reassurance and advice from consultants who want the best outcome as much as you do.