Assistant Manager 
Tax and Business Services


We could probably write 2000 fluffy words telling you all about why we think this is a phenomenal opportunity, but you’re an accountant, you like facts, so let’s hit you with them:

  • The business is led by three incredibly experienced and talented individuals who have learnt everything they know from the major players in accounting. They know what works well, what doesn’t and have modelled the business around this.

  • Given their experience, they have a really diverse range of fascinating clients including private groups, high net worth individuals, internationals… the list goes on.

  • There are genuine opportunities for career progression, the business is in a phase of rapid growth and with so much work on, if you excel, it will absolutely be recognised. They have yearly pay reviews and bonuses (they even paid their team during Covid)

  • You are strongly supported with solid administrators so there is very little admin. They’re also very technically advanced and are into paperless work environments so you’ll be more efficient and save the planet at the same time – double win!

  • They are very social and quite frankly, just a tonne of fun. An accounting job is an accounting job, you know that, and you’re smart (because you’re an accountant) so you also know that having a place you enjoy going to every day is key.

  • The office is currently based in Leederville(hello amazing lunch options!) but it won’t be home forever. The new digs are going to be state-of-the-art and freaking phenomenal. You may have to wait a year until you find yourself there, but it is going to be worth it. At the moment the office they are in is shared with another company (they are really cool too) so you can see how another business operates.

That was only 261 words. How did we go?
Again, you’re smart, you’re an accountant (are we buttering you up? We totally are but no one is here to stop us), so you know what is to be expected of you, but let’s give you a succinct rundown:

  • Running a client autonomously

  • Mostly reviewing work and the odd preparation for complex clients

  • Managing staff working underneath you including some training and development

Apart from their incredibly strong knowledge, one thing that they really pride themselves on is their ability to understand the very technical and be able to explain things in a way to clients so they can comprehend and have a little “ah-ha” moment.  You need to have very strong written and communication skills – it is integral to the success of the role. We are also looking for:

  • A Bachelors Degree in Accounting or Commerce

  • At least six years experience in Public Practice accounting (if you are not quite there yet or are over this, give us a call anyway to discuss)

  • Confidence in running clients autonomously and experience in this

  • Experience in Xero

  • Strong attention to detail and very good at compliance

  • Someone who is sophisticated and sharp, with very professional presentation

  • Great communications skills, both written and verbal

  • Someone who wants to join in on the fun and positive culture