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Figures from the WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety show almost $19 billion was invested in WA’s resources sector in 2019-20, up from $17 billion the previous year (this is the first annual increase since the peak of the last mining boom when $48b was invested in a single year in 2012-13).


The mining sector is having a bit of a ‘bang’ moment, and drillers are the manual labour force upon which the industry is built. Drillers are more than just tradies, and their impact on a mines efficiency is rather outstanding.

Recruitment in mining doesn’t always get the best wrap. But that is why, in true Itch style, we do it differently.

First of all, we don’t do labour hire. It is not about the quick fix for us. We are working with clients to find the right people for their team now, and into the future.

People Powered Production. There are some things technology just can’t do, so it is important to have a hard-working, harmonious and healthy team. We meet every candidate, equip them with their tickets and test their fitness before a client meets them.


Quality > Quantity. Our retention rate is 87% (based on last two quarters) which means we are finding the right people for the job. The industry average in WA mining is about 52%.


We value the health and wellbeing of our drillers and their families. Our screening and placement process includes clear and open discussions about mental health, family, on-site life and home life. FIFO isn’t easy for everyone, so it is important people are aware of the changes such a  job might have on their life.