Operation: 4 Day Work Week

100% Pay - 100% Productivity - 80% of the Work Week

Itch are excited to announce that we are taking part in the 6-month* pilot program of the 4-Day Work Week run by 4 Day Week Global. Kicking off across Australia on August 1st, this pilot is a coordinated, trial in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific of a 4-day week, with no loss in pay for employees. It runs alongside similar pilot schemes taking place in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Spain and the U.K.

*We have every intention to implement the 4-Day-Work-Week into the structure of our business beyond the 6-month trial if everything runs smoothly.

Watch This Space

The Itches will be documenting their thoughts and feelings in the lead-up to the trial and their experience throughout.


Impact on M+D

Victoria is here to talk about what our Mining + Drilling Clients and Candidates can expect as we transition to the 4-Day Work Week.


The Last Day

On our last day of the traditional work week, are there still concerns or are we prepared for the change? Stay tuned

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